1. Yesterday was just one of those days. As I've mentioned, chemo has turned Ernie's feet into weird dinosaur claws. The other day he asked for help trimming one of his claws and I looked at it in horror. I told him unfortunately I didn't have a tool that could possibly conquer that. Yesterday morning he woke me up…and for some reason, I was in a deep, deep sleep…and immediately put his foot in my face and asked me to help bandage his toe because the dinosaur claw had fallen off. I gotta tell you…perhaps it was just as well that I still had sleep in my eyes while I did it. The things you could never have imagined when you are young and just eyeing the cute boy behind the record store counter.

2. I still think losing one's toenails, or dinosaur claws or whatever is just damned insulting. INSULTING! 

3. Eh. Leo came home with a big bill from the dentist's office and needs not only wisdom teeth removed, but also straightening as his wisdom teeth have moved things out of whack. Just what we need…orthodontia bills.

4. The COVID numbers are freaking me out. And the thought of not having people over on Thanksgiving and no Christmas party…it's all hard to fathom.

5. Here's one of Leo's pictures from his train photo trip last weekend. He said everybody in the group (it was a Trains Magazine thing) was great about wearing masks, etc, but that in some of the small Wisconsin towns they were in many people weren't wearing masks. Sigh.


6. That's about all I've got. Had a wonderful Zoom with my old friend Jeanne last night. It's affirming to reconnect with old friends and realize that you were spot on when you loved them the first time.

7. Oh, and here is the Bob of the Day:



2 thoughts on “Trains and Cats and Dinosaur Claws and Other Notes

  1. Bob is one FUR-ocios kitty. Our poor Dilly began losing fur on her tail and back legs in September. We finally got her to the vet last week. The vet gave her a blood test. Results: low thyroid. So she’ll be taking a pill every day for the rest of her life. I hope it brings her fur back. Her tail is a sorry sight. Looks like a rat’s tail covered with sparse white fur. Just plain ugly.

  2. The Covid numbers are freaking me out too. It’s hard not to look, but i read the Covid newsletter I get from the Washington Post.
    Leo really has a good eye, he gets it from his mama I guess!