1. I have a headache, which is unusual for me. Is it just the roller coaster of the week having its way with me? I don't know. 

2. When we heard the news that the election had finally been called yesterday it was such an incredible relief. Ernie ran out and got a bottle of champagne and we hunkered down and watched the news.

Screen Shot 2020-11-08 at 12.51.21 PM

3. Bob also checked the news.


4. Later Ernie and I sat in the sun and tried to decompress.


5. Tomorrow my sister gets the radium seed implanted for her cancer surgery. Tuesday is her surgery. I had the days wrong when I mentioned it earlier. I wish I could be there. Such strange times.

6. My only other news of note is that we're trying to find the sweet spot in which Hattie has enough laxative but not too much. As of yet, this has been a challenge. Sigh.