The whole week caught up with me yesterday. Although I’d slept, I just felt exhausted. I worked but found it hard to focus on anything. Suddenly it was 6 pm and I had no plans for dinner and nothing sounded good. Owen and I were supposed to go get a tree but we hemmed and hawed…doing the whole, “I don’t know, do you want to go?” and “Aw, I don’t know, do YOU want to go?” We decided not to but then a little while later I decided the hell with it and I called upstairs, “Let’s just go get a tree.” And so we did. It made me feel much better. Just a bit of normalcy. Who the hell knows what will happen, but damn it…we’ve got our Christmas tree. We loaded up on Christmas lights; lights for the fence, lights for the evergreen in the front yard and lights for the tree as half of ours seemed to be dead and Owen has liberated the other half for his den in the basement. We stood there, each with a stack of boxes of lights up to our chin. Owen told me we probably had enough so I defiantly grabbed one more box and said, “Well, this will be a start.” Next to us a woman looked over at us and our stacks of lights and we both burst out laughing. It felt good. We stopped at Schnuck’s and grabbed a rotisserie chicken and a few vegetables and headed home. He got the tree into a bucket of water. I love that boy.

We got home and Leo and Ernie were chatting. Leo had just scored some Milwaukee Road blueprints off of eBay. Very cool. Again, I love that boy. Ernie and I collapsed into our tv watching spot, nibbled on dinner and tried to decompress. Ernie hadn’t slept much and although he refused to go up to bed he kept dozing off. I stopped nagging and just let him sleep there for a while. He looks so beautiful when he sleeps. Eventually I forced him to go up to bed and I sat there half reading, half watching Colbert. Owen came down and sat with me and we talked for a long, long time. I’ve got my challenges but I am lucky in many ways.

Today? A whole lot of nothing is planned topped off with bringing the tree in and putting our little trees on the mantel. At least that’s the plan.


One thought on “Treeing our way to normal

  1. oh, I’m glad you got your tree!
    sorry I didn’t make it back over there-it has been a very off year for me as well.