I was damned nervous about Ernie’s cystoscopy yesterday. I think the whole family was a nervous wreck. However, it showed no evidence of tumors which is what I was most concerned about. AND…he got his catheter out. No more Buckley, no more Arlo. Of course, he may (probably) will have to deal with this in the future but for now we’re relieved and happy. And…I had a conversation with somebody about some treatment options for down the road.

We were all exhausted….that release of stress can make you just drop. We did persevere and decorate the tree though. I think it looks pretty grand. We still have another two tubs of ornaments but I think I might just declare it done. I think we’ve got all the most important ornaments. All the Uncle Mistletoe and Aunt Holly ornaments, my mother’s silver bell, my dad’s little boot ornament that he loved as a kid, the infamous Polish balls, some of our favaorite antiques, my black and white mid century ornaments, the chili peppers, the Marty Stuart ornament, the White Castle box ornament and the little old tea pot and coffee pot ornaments. I think it will do. And yes, this is somewhat a sign of my exhaustion but I’m ok with it. Normally I’m a slavedriver…..”you can fit more ornaments on…come on…just a few more!” Not this year.

Thanks for all the love. It means the world to us.

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