Ernie’s at ER again. I’m sad and scared. I hate that I can’t be with him.

Hate. Hate. Hate.

I did remember to send a phone charger with him.

See, there is a learning curve to emergency room visits. I have learned the following tips: 1.If you’re a large breasted women put a bra on even if it’s the middle of the night as you’ll be glad you did when daylight hits. 2. Bring bottled water or at least money for the pop machine. 3. Bring a snack if you haven’t eaten, such as almonds. 4. Bring a phone charger.

Although it’s the least of the problems it doesn’t help that it’s a $250 or $275 deductible…I forget which…each time he goes there. That’s a an extra $500 hit to the budget this week. Ugh.

I owe people a bunch of emails. I’ll get there. I promise you.

He talked to the patient advisory nurse and she was great at trying to figure out if there was some option other than ER but given that’s it’s Sunday…well, here we are. Or rather, there he is.

On a positive note, the boys put the lights up on the fence yesterday so I can see them from the bedroom. It made me happy last night. And they brought the tree in so hopefully we’ll still be able to get at least some tree decorations up later.

Send good thoughts, people. Send good thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Again

  1. Hugs and prayers coming your way. Hope Ernie bounces back. Too bad he couldn’t bring Bob💕😊