I’m behind on posting here. I’ve written numerous posts in my head but they never make it to the keyboard. Suffice to say, we had a lovely weekend. The Tom Mason and Michael Webb virtual concert was SOOO good for our hearts. Thanks to Teri for getting this together. I didn’t seem to have the psychic or physical energy to get things organized but I’m beyond grateful she did. Seeing friends on Zoom before the show and then enjoying this. So affirming. Take some time and watch this. I could not adore Tom Mason more. And Michael Webb was wonderful—as Ernie said, the interplay between then was delightful! I’m a tad heartbroken they took the soundcheck down. They didn’t realize it was public but oh my lord it was charming. Moving the wreath and the plastic Santa…Michael getting concerned with wreath and cord placement….the triumphant placement of the trombone to cover the cord and then, of course, Tom singing the Nobody Gives a Shit About Plastic Santa song. It was a thing of beauty. The actual concert though was even better despite the soundcheck’s charm. Thank you so very much, Tom, Michael, Teri and Brian.

And don’t forget…it’s not too late to send a donation for this. Venmo: Tom-Mason-40 and PayPal: gasstationmason@hotmail.com. And/or order the album (it is truly great…it’s already becoming a standard in our house) at tommason.net.

A rare photo of me. Curled up next to my Christmas tree. I almost feel like I’m nestled within it
Look how close Rascal and Hattie are. I’m thinking Daisy (our part time dog) might be bringing the cats together.
My first grade Christmas ornament. Kids teased me for using blue and gold glitter instead of red and green. I tried really hard not to cry. I look so serious. See? Leo really is my boy.

That’s all for now. Ernie continues to feel a bit better. Thank you once again for the love and kindness and generosity shown to us.


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