My guy is home. He got home from the emergency room last night. We’d been concerned that he would be admitted so this was a tremendous relief. I gotta admit, yesterday was a rough day. We felt so much love from you all though. It meant a lot. A WHOLE lot. Thank you.

Owen went to pick him up when he was finally released and a bit later Ernie texted me and said, “Hey babe, I’m having Owen drive around for a bit because it feels good. Should be home soon.” It made me smile so much.

It turns out he had an infection on top of everything else. He got antibiotics and a bigger catheter (ugh). Hopefully the antibiotics are kicking in. He’s utterly exhausted, still a bit beat up but is doing a crossword and humming at the moment…so much, much better. On Thursday he’ll have a cystoscopy, the pleasant procedure in which they put a camera up his penis. Prostate cancer is odd in that so much of it is related to penises and poop and pee…all sorts of intimate things that can be hard to talk about. But…it’s what we’re dealing with and I just don’t have the energy to be coy or think of more polite ways to phrase things. Anyway, as I understand it, the cystoscopy will allow them to figure out how damaged the bladder is from all the radiation he’s had. Once they know that, hopefully we can plan what approach to take.

Throughout the whole weekend the boys and Trinity were all wonderful. Owen did a lot of running around although the thing he is MOST proud of is his new tree watering set up. He went and bought some tubing and a funnel and now can water the Christmas tree standing up.

We got half the lights on the tree but ended there. Once Ernie had been home for a bit though, the boys and Trinity put the trees on the mantel. It made us feel so much better. I just realized I didn’t take any pictures of them putting up the trees. Wow, I must have been TRULY exhausted!!

Most of all though, Bob was so happy to have Ernie home. He was waiting by the door for him.

We should all have a Bob.

Thank you so much for the love. Truly. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. You are in my thoughts. I drive by the Carle ER tonight and thought, “I hope to hell Ernie is not in there.”