1. Man, I was T I R E D yesterday. I actually took the afternoon off work because I just wasn’t functioning. I could feel the vibrations of anxiety and I know my body is responding to it. All of a sudden my eczema has gone crazy. Stress.

2. Ernie’s stomach hasn’t been great of late so I made us some chicken and rice gruel with the last of the turkey broth and it was comforting. We watched the Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn movie Desk Set (good lord but I find Katherine Hepburn irritating—although I enjoyed it anyway) and then a Hallmark movie. I was in bed by 8:29. I still couldn’t fall asleep as tired as I was, but I needed the dark and the quiet.

3. Sometimes the gluten is worth the cheat. I can say, unequivocally, that Ann Rasmus’s star sugar cookies (well, and her brownies) are completely worth it. Having Ann and Sophie show up the other night with a freshly baked plate of these was one of the many, MANY kindnesses that folks have done for us. I hesitate to quote Wayne’s World, but really, we are not worthy. Thank you all. So much.

4. Learned the hard way that Planter’s dry roasted peanuts have garlic and onion in the seasoning. Sugar and corn syrup too. Oh well. Last night, while Ernie and I had our gruel, Owen experimented making some little chicken nuggets. He told me the panko was gluten free so I nibbled some for breakfast (I know) and they were delicious. Just went into the kitchen and picked up the empty panko box. It was not gluten free. No wonder they tasted so good. Oh well.

5. Bob also seemed a bit wrung out by the weekend.

6. Two more days until Ernie’s appointment. I feel like doing what the boys used to try to do before Christmas: sleep a lot so the time passes faster. Not that there will be an immediate answer but it’s one more step to get the scan done. I need to do some more research before he goes so I can send him with a list of questions.


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