1. Yesterday afternoon Ernie ran some errands while I worked. As I worked I listened to the Aqua Velvets last Christmas album, the Jon Prine Christmas album and a Herb Alpert Christmas album which really isn’t all that great but I adore Herb Alpert so it seemed great. Pretty damn good stuff. And the new Tom Mason and a few other compilations. Ernie was happy to find the record that had this Kenny Laguna song on it. Sounds kinda like a Joan Jett song, doesn’t it?

2. I won something! You know those things where they say to comment on the post to be entered in a giveaway? Well, it worked. I won $100 worth of low fodmap chicken broth, and low fodmap freeze dried garlic scapes and chives. Oh, and a low fodmap cookbook. I’m rather tickled.

3. Last night’s dinner was a repeat of a recipe that I think I posted once before. SO quick and simple and it’s low fodmap without me having to adjust it, Turmeric-Black Pepper Pepper Chicken with Asparagus. We made it exactly like the recipe with the exception of adding some red pepper flakes. Oh, and we replaced the all purpose flour with cornstarch. Highly recommended. It’s easy, quick and endlessly adaptable. It tastes like it’s far more difficult. We served it with some rice. Oh, and Ernie did all the work while I Zoomed with a friend. Win.

The leftovers made a delightful breakfast too.


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