Man, it’s just been one of those weeks. I can’t believe it’s Friday although I’m glad it is. I guess. Maybe. I don’t know. Ernie woke me up yesterday and I automatically begged for another half hour as I always do. Recently however, after I beg, I also say, “Are you ok?” When I did that there was a long pause and then he said, “Not really.” My eyes sprang open. I was awake.

I’ll spare you the details but there was pain, blood, bladder spasms…not nice stuff. He’d already been on the phone to the doctor’s office. They got him in later in the morning. He said he was ok to drive so I just sat here mournfully and watched him leave.

What’s going on is radiation cystitis. They’ve just been beating up on his body for sixteen years. He’s had radiation three times now. Sigh. They took his catheter out, rinsed out his bladder (ugh) and put a new catheter back in. He has a different kind of bag so no more Buckley, please welcome Arlo. Put him on medication (Ernie, not Arlo) to help reduce the spasms and scheduled him for a bladder scan next week. He came home somewhat exhausted and sore but feeling better.

The boys were both great and ran errands for us. Owen made a lovely pasta for himself, Trinity and Ernie for dinner. I stole one piece and damn it was good. I miss garlic.

We had a quiet evening. Another Hallmark movie in the books.

We’d been supposed to get our Christmas tree. Postponed again. Maybe today.


3 thoughts on “RIP Buckley, Welcome Arlo

  1. Our thoughts are with you and Ernie and what you’re going through. My husband Dave is a retired urologist and knows radiation cystitis. Hope things get more comfortable.

  2. I’m glad Ernie is feeling better, but what a horrible lot to go through, for all of you. Stay strong.