I think almost all I’ve done in the past week is sleep. I sleep late and still take a nap. It’s as though all the stress of the year released me and I am just sleeping to recover. I feel moderately guilty but I think I need it.

We had a lovely and quiet Christmas. It was the first Christmas we have ever opened presents AFTER daylight. I kinda missed watching the sun come up as I sat in front of the fire, but it was wonderful just the same. We ended up not even doing a formal Christmas dinner. It was kind of the new version of Christmas Squalor. It wasn’t wrapping paper and games and Lego all over the place but it was close, and yes there was still some Lego involved.

The boys exchanging presents on Christmas Eve, just as my sisters and I did. And yeah, the coffee table didn’t cleared off as it was supposed to.

Ernie’s tired but feeling pretty well. We’re enjoying a last week of hedonistic eating and drinking before the New Year hits.

Oh, and there’s been a lot of this:

Love to all. We’ll just be here celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. The tree won’t come down until after Epiphany. Just as my father always decreed.


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