One of the things I’m looking forward to at the Tom Mason Holiday Zoom this Saturday is the virtual potluck. Anyone who wants to participate just drops off something (that can easily be divvied up) at Teri McCarthy’s house by say mid morning on Saturday will then, in return, be able to pick up a little potluck bag with offerings from everybody that participates. I’m excited because one of my favorite thing to do is obsess over recipes…changing my mind constantly.

The other thing that is fun for me is that serving appetizers at a party used to be my favorite thing to do but with so many people at our house concerts it became easier to do big batch cooking. And, of course, I don’t bake sweets so I get to think appetizers!! Yay!!

Let me or Teri know if you want to join in. This will be fun and god only knows…we need fun. Oh, and don’t worry….potluck offerings don’t have to be fancy or homemade!

Side note: Last night we had some of Triple S’s smoked pork chops that we love so much. I usually sear them kinda quickly till they’re just browned a bit. So simple and so good. Last night for some reason I covered the pan when I did it and so they ended up giving off some liquid…so they kinda steamed instead of seared. I uncovered them and got them to brown just a bit but by that point they were a tad overdone. I mean they were still great…those things are fantastic but not as good as usual because of my mistake. I may enjoy my dinners more when all goes right but I always learn more when things go wrong. There must be some kind of god damned lesson in there. This is Owen’s plate with the hugest of the pork chops and sauteed peppers and onions. I had Brussels sprouts with mine and damned if I didn’t ruin those too.

Onward to virtual potluck planning!