I tried to write a post yesterday but I was just too tired. I woke up feeling a little more normal today though and that feels good. Ernie, as well, seems a little more relaxed. The incredible love we have received has been almost overwhelming. We are touched beyond belief. I hope you all realize that we are well aware that everyone out there has challenges….we are not unique with our challenges in any way. Thank you so much, all of you. You have made us feel loved and what better way to feel?

Now on to some important news. Our dear friends, Teri McCarthy and Brian Goodnight, have arranged for Tom Mason to get us all in the holiday spirit come next Saturday, December 19 and let me tell you, I am READY! Please join us via Zoom that night. We’ll start with a bit of a happy hour and then Tom will take it away. He was utterly glorious last Christmas here at our house, and although we’d love to home him in person, we are thrilled to have him join us any way he can. Check the Facebook event for more info…including a virtual potluck! Mark your calendars!

I slept late today (9:00) and stayed in bed reading for another hour, so I JUST crawled out of bed and had breakfast. Last night I made curried fried chicken with boneless thighs, cooked a bunch of broccoli and had mashed spicy sweet potatoes. Comfort food. I just boiled some chucks of sweet potato and added lots of Tabasco and salt and pepper. I love them that way. Today, for breakfast, Ernie mixed some of the sweet potato and broccoli into my eggs and it was SO good. The spicy sweet potato kind of took over but there was texture from the broccoli. I can’t quite describe it but it was really delightful!

a steamy bowl of broccoli…sometimes simple things are so damned good
I suppose one could say my work is done
my sister Debbie peeking out from our tree

Today? I need to catch up on some work and perhaps clear the living room of the ornament boxes and other detritus.

Onward. A little more strongly today.

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