This picture of me and Mary Sack, on the sidewalk after the David Olney Memorial is my favorite picture of 2020. I can’t explain it. It just hits me.

For the past week or so I’ve pondered writing a post about 2020. I just haven’t been able to do it. It was too hard and hurts too much.

It was a year ago tomorrow that Ernie ended up in the ER and then the hospital and we found out about the new tumor, and his treatment began. It was just a few weeks later that he stood at the end of the bed and told me that David Olney had died. Then the rest of the year….losing Nick Rudd, the pandemic, the fear, my sister’s breast cancer diagnosis, then late in the year Ernie’s seemingly endless visits to the ER, alone.

It has been such a hard and painful year for all of us. Some of it hard in the same ways, some of it hard in our own unique ways. There are of course been positive things along the way and I do value those….the love and kindness shown to us, my sister’s good results with her surgery and ongoing treatment, our beloved family of friends, and of course most of all, my three boys. Ernie, Leo and Owen. Despite the hardships, I am blessed in many ways.

That’s as much as I can articulate I’m afraid. Instead of a video as I sometimes do, I will just post some of my favorite, or most telling photos of the year. Yeah, they’re in reverse order. Oh well.

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