Hard to know what to say after a week like this. When Trump was elected I was horrified and infuriated but I never could have dreamed he would be this terrible, this foully dangerous. Somehow I thought there was enough structure, enough social decorum built into the Presidency that he could only bring it so low. How incredibly wrong I was.

The attack on the capitol also was on the day I was kicking off my return to cleaner eating and drinking. Whoops. Gluten free sausage and green olive, extra well done. Thank you, Papa Del’s.

I think I’ve got a bit of a cold. Owen’s got one. I should have known. It not terrible but I don’t see myself doing a whole lot today. I’m rereading the Bridgerton books. I’ve got some lemon water at my side. My Christmas tree is standing there looking beautiful (and yes, I know the tree pick up is this week but NO I’m not ready to take it down) and I’m thinking maybe I can convince someone to bring in some firewood. My only goal of import is to get some laxative into poor Hattie.