Rascal seems very anxious today. His eyes are wide and his short little tail is hanging down. Hmmm. Overall our part-time dog, Daisy, seems to be integrating pretty wonderfully with the cats. Hattie could care else and has been seen to intimidate Daisy a bit. Let’s face it, Hattie is the badass of the family. Bob gives Daisy the side-eye but that’s pretty much it. Yesterday, Bob was in his regular position on the couch by Ernie. Stretched out on his back with his paws slightly in the air. Daisy got a bit close and Bob let out a completely half-hearted hiss. He didn’t even bother to move his head or his paws so it was less than convincing.

Rascal, our big tough guy, is having the hardest time. I swear, I don’t think Rascal has ever been scared by another animal. As a tiny kitten he chased big old Bob up the stair with great aplomb and absolutely no fear. We’d never heard Rascal hiss. Never. Recently, though, when Daisy got close Rascal let out a little rusty hiss. It was almost endearing. Although it’s good that Rascal, who can be quite the bully, has realized he’s not always number one, it’s a little sad too.

Our Rascal is growing up.

I guess we all do at some point. Well, most of us anyway.

I so miss wandering, and stopping for breakfast along the way. I really miss booths.
When we wander small towns I’m always happy to see vestiges of local newspaper offices. When they are actually still running I am instantly cheered, but those are getting hard to find.
I want to go on another train chase with Leo. He’s become an expert and knows other train chasers now so it will probably never happen. That’s ok. We had our times.
I must say, last night’s leftover crispy quinoa and kale topped with a sunny side up egg by the Egg Master himself, made an amazingly good breakfast. Thanks, Ernie.