Ernie’s been complaining about needing new glasses for awhile. I finally made an appointment for him, at Owen’s urging. The chemo can make your eyes worse so they say not to get glasses while you’re on chemo, but given that he’s not likely to go off it…he really needs new glasses. He trundled off today and came back with a prescription and the news that he has cataracts and is being referred for treatment, meaning surgery most likely. They said the prednisone he’s on could very well have exacerbated them. Geesh. One more thing. I know cataract surgery is supposed to pretty much be a breeze but geez…one more thing.

“The men don’t know, but the little girls understand.”
Red cooked pork
The brilliant Jon Byrd and Paul Niehaus brought us great joy last night. Watch his FB page for when he’s going to be live. It will do your heart good.

In the good news/bad news vein…Hattie has decided to use her pod as a litter box. That’s the bad news. Good news? Well, she’s not constipated and she’s not using the fireplace. You can’t accuse me of not looking for the silver linings in life!

Owen got his hair cut. He said when it was wet he thought he kinda looked like a down and out John Denver. Even though I’m mad at him right now I think he looks gorgeous. My sweet little rock and roller.

I’m feeling great frustration because there is sunshine on Rascal’s favorite spot on the couch and he’s NOT listening to me and going there.

I haven’t looked forward to February in quite some time but I’m glad January is about over. Too many anniversaries. Even today, FB reminded me that it’s been a year since Ernie lost most of his hair. Now mind you, it’s growing back in its new white, curly iteration at a great clip, but just the same. February isn’t my favorite month but I think I can do it.

Oh, and to end on a bright note, we got notice that Ernie’s grant for chemo has been renewed through the end of this year. Thank God, as the total co-payments (CO-payments mind you) would be $31,000 for the year.


3 thoughts on “Cataracts and Random Notes and Pictures

  1. Compared to most things in life, cataract surgery is a breeze. Well worth it. Before surgery, I looked at a man WAY down at the end of an Olympic-size swimming pool and he had two heads, one slightly superimposed over the other. Surgery put an end to stuff like that and also made our large, faded, green MD road signs easier to read. I was feeling sorry for myself for having nearly $800 a year in co-pays for the new drug I am taking for my lung disease–and then I read about Ernie’s co-pay. YIKES!!