I’m grumpy today and I don’t know why. That makes it supremely unsatisfying. If I knew why I was grumpy I could either feel self righteously angry about the reason or I could try to put it in perspective and change my mood. But all I’ve got is the grumpiness. I suppose it’s a bit of an emotional hangover from thinking about David Olney so much yesterday. Yeah, it was a sad day and I just MAY have stayed up too late drinking wine and watching videos of him.

On a brighter note, we seem to be achieving some kind of rapprochement between Daisy and the cats. Well, Hattie continues to ignore her. Bob almost walked on her yesterday with no hint of stress and RASCAL…well, Rascal seems to be trying to play with her! There’s a blue house concert chair that keeps floating around the house instead of ever making it to the basement where it’s supposed to be and Rascal does love to curl up on it. Yesterday, while in his spot on the chair, with Daisy nearby, Rascal started rolling on his back crying and stretching his little paws out, trying to grab Daisy’s tail. Ernie and I just looked on in shock. Daisy just looked at us, asking for a clue as to what to do. I told her, “Daisy girl, I have absolutely no idea.” He did it again today. Daisy got a little excited but is still a tad confused. We shall see. Rascal is currently ensconced on the newel post, surveying his domain and watching for Daisy.

Don’t worry. Bob was on the other side of Ernie.
A nice meet-anniversary dinner the other night, again proving that I can’t plate for shit. Turmeric and cumin rice pilaf with peppers, almonds and pomegranate, grouper and green beans.
We said we’d do it over the weekend, then on Monday. The tree, in protest at our delay, has begun hurling ornaments to the ground. Sorry, tree.
Ernie wasn’t feeling too well yesterday so I made him what I call his gruel. It’s just chicken breast cooked in chicken broth with some leftover Asian rice, salt, and some peas at the end.
Do watch this. It was just released yesterday and is an upcoming album that David had completed with Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel which will be out later this year. It’s very different to watch David singing in this context as opposed to a regular performance. Just beautiful.

And with that, it’s onward. Grumpiness or not.