I kind of had a lump of a weekend. Down with a bit of a cold and it left me without the energy to even read. Which led to napping with Rascal and reading far more news than is healthy for me. Saturday night I didn’t feel good enough to cook so Ernie made me scrambled eggs. Last night I forced myself and made the simplest kind of comfort food. Roast chicken with potatoes and kale roasted with it. Sometimes I’m amazed that all it takes is olive oil, salt, pepper and heat to make something so affirming. 450 degrees, chicken upside down on top of kale and potatoes (kale only takes half the time) for about 50 minutes.

Last night I tossed and turned, dozing and waking, dozing and waking. I gave up and read for a bit but it wasn’t relaxing. Tossed and turned some more. Around 2:45 am I found a comfortable position. Then Ernie started getting leg cramps. Even after he got up at five I couldn’t sleep restfully. I vow not to nap today so I can sleep tonight. Unless my dreams and worries keep me up.

Lots to do today. Onward.

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