1. Dinner last night was pretty damn good but I’d do some editing next time. I used the Taiwanese Salt and Pepper recipe that I use most often on thin pork chops, but have also done it with shrimp. The shrimp held up to it and I loved it but it overwhelmed the scallops a bit. I think next time I’d cut back on the sugar, soy and pepper AND use a lower heat…kinda forgot about the sugar in it. Definitely worth another try though. Oh, and the gorgeous broccoli was from Farmer Greg. Simply steamed.

2. Last night, Ernie and I were watching Master Chef Canada (I know, but we gotta keep some kind of food show going now that our beloved Hallmark Christmas movies have come to an end) and they had a tourtière (the French-Canadian meat pie that we always have at the holidays) and I was so excited I squeaked. I even took a picture of the tv. I might have to watch it again.

3. And in our Bob of the Day we see evidence of Bob’s rule over Ernie. Ernie had been trying to lift his arm to to something else. This displeased Bob so he clamped down on Ernie’s arm to make his point. He left if there for quite a while, just be sure.

4. Ernie was trying to wake me up this morning and I wasn’t going along with it so he said, “Oh, I have something that will wake you up. The pharmacy just called and said the grant for my chemo is running out.” AWAKE. He talked the pharmacy again and then to the people at Vasireddy’s office that deals with this. THEY said, no we were ok, and they would be reapplying for the grant because it ends in June and they reassured him they would call the pharmacy. Just when you relax and think things are going smoothly you get these little stress sparks to remind you of everything that is really going on.

5. And now, a little Bob bonus: sometimes he finds using the litter box tiring so he just rests his head on the edge of the box. I don’t why exactly, but I find this hysterical. He does retain some dignity as he totally ignores our amusement.


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