Owen and Ernie left to go to the store so Daisy trotted over to the couch and jumped up. She and Rascal both seemed a bit shocked at the presence of the other. They looked at me and I told them just to relax.
Daisy just went so sleep, Rascal thought about sleeping but seemed a little wary.
He finally gave in.
As soon as Owen came home though, they were both ready for attention.
This kale smelled like an early fall garden. Amazing.
The blanched kale, stir fried with some leftover rice in the pan drippings from a turkey breast.
Turkey, kale and rice. I thought it needed something sharp and was poking around the vegetable drawer and pondering things like mustard, cranberries or capers when I saw the jar of left over pickled beets. Perfect.
We were lazy last night. Ernie ate leftover kale, rice and red cooked pork. I took the piece of salmon that I’d been thinking of doing something fancier with, and just sauteed it in a pan til the skin was crispy. I tossed the rest of the blanched kale in a pan and cooked it down a bit. The best bite? The little bit of kale I wrapped in the crispy salmon skin. Breakfast today was pretty lovely too, or brunch, I guess as I just ate. Leftover salmon in a bit of scrambled eggs. Delightful.
Late night YouTube viewing: Ian Hunter 1980 Rockpalast About the same time I first saw him. Glorious.

Now? A snowy Sunday, which thrills me to my core, a bit of work to do. I’m thinking a fire in the fireplace and roast lamb for dinner tonight. I guess I should go get the marinade for that going.

Onward. Hope you are all well.

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