These two basically still have the same outlook on life. God, I love them so.
More youth.
Leo had a busy day of train chasing and even grudgingly allowed a picture as he showed us some of finds.
Sometimes, as I walk through the house, I find Bob tucked in odd spots, just pondering life. Oh, and Bob, don’t think I don’t see the scratches you’ve made on the wall behind you. Maybe you should ponder THAT, Buster.
Bob of the Day
Simple, somewhat boring dinner. Pork tenderloin, spinach and potato. Eh, it was ok.
More of this, please.

Onward to the rest of a quiet day. Later, Ernie and I will fix ourselves a celebratory dinner as we reminisce meeting each other this very day, just some, mmmm…FORTY years ago. An after hours party at 404 S. Busey as I recall. I finally got him to talk to me after having had my eye on him since the previous August. I was all of 18….and here we are today. ❤️

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