I’ve never glued myself to the tv to watch every bit of an Inauguration Day before, but then again it’s never been this important. I feel somewhat tired today. Relieved and happy but tired. It’s been a bit of a lost week. I haven’t felt great but am trying to focus on less stress/healthier eating. Ernie’s not been feeling great but seems a little better today. He gets frustrated with how tired he gets but he’s doing pretty well. Oh, and his post chemo hard curls are starting to relax bit!

We’re finally taking our Christmas tree down. I don’t think we’ve ever had it up this long. I think that says something too….that we still needed the comfort of glowing lights.

Owen’s take on instant ramen has become increasingly complex with all sorts of additions. It just makes me happy he loves green onions.
Pollock pan fried with some cornstarch with some leftovers and Thai basil (thanks, Evelyn). Cornstarch gets crisp but never browns as nicely as flour. Wasn’t bad though. I overcooked it a bit..I should trust my gut more than recipes. I usually do but sometimes I weaken.
Look! Mailed from Nashville on December 2 and we got it on January 20! I guess we’ll play as we take the tree down. Thanks, Glenn!!

So, onward we go.

2 thoughts on “Relief and Random Pictures

  1. That $1 stamp is a beaut! So good to know the USPS is rockin’ right along, still…. Let the sun help you both feel less tired.

  2. I heard that some people keep their trees up until February 2nd. Have you heard that? I just knew about Epiphany. Glad you and Ernie are feeling relatively well. The Inauguration events from Tuesday all through Wednesday were magnificent and flawless, I thought. Meaningful. And I’m so glad they were safe.