So many anniversaries coming up.

This Sunday, the anniversary of the day I met Ernie. And yes, we still celebrate it.

Monday, the one year anniversary of David Olney’s death.

Wednesday, the inauguration, which although not an anniversary is certainly a marker. I pray it will be peaceful.

February 2 would have been my parents’ anniversary.

February 7 is the day my sister died.

February 17 is the day my mother died.

February 25 would have been my sister Judi’s birthday.

And of course, it has been on my mind that this it’s been a year since Ernie started this round of treatment.

I must admit that I am feeling the weight of all these reminders.

I want to walk in the Esquire on a Friday night and run into half the town. I want to sit next to Ceal and Roger and do simple things like take a sip of wine and ask Jackie how Sawyer’s Christmas was. I want to eat a peanut and drop the shell on the floor. I want to hug my friends. I want to get some wings and fries and bring them back to the boys for a treat. I want some normal. I don’t want all these anniversaries.

But there they are. The first one however, is very much a celebration so I’ll keep that in my pocket for a bit of joy and try to be kind to myself in the next weeks.


the beautiful photo is by Leo Blackwelder

2 thoughts on “So many anniversaries

  1. Caveat emptor! Get that nut and drop that shell on your own dang floor!

    I still strongly remember the first day I met Ed. We will have to wait until July for that story.

    Love you, my Little Pink Unicorn.