I put a bra on today. My breasts were confused.

I had to do that because somehow I made Ernie’s vaccine appointment under my name. I called this morning (Ernie complains that I don’t make phone calls but when it comes to him or his health, I’m right on it. HA!) and they told me to go along with him to make sure it was all ok. So we trundled off to the I-Hotel and man, it could not have been slicker or better organized. Well done CU Public Health. Well done. He got the Moderna vaccine so will go back in four weeks.

Coming home I noticed how bright and green my Lenten roses are. I know they’re called hellebores but Lenten roses sound so much nicer.

Onward. One step at a time.

2 thoughts on “Sunny Friday

  1. I’ve only heard good things about the CUPHD setup for vaccines! Julie Pryde is definitely top of the heap. I can’t imagine how exhausting this past year must have been for her and her staff, and we still have months (I hope) to go.

  2. Yes, the operation for vaccine giving was topnotch, and yes, Julie Pryde is top of the heap! And yes, your Lenten roses are lovely, and yay for Ernie getting his vaccine, in spite of the scheduling mishap, and last but not least, I’m sorry your poor boobies were confused… thank heaven the sun was shining! 💛💚❤️💖