My cold is fading. I postponed one meeting yesterday because I needed to have my brain fully functional but I got a lot of other stuff done so I was relatively satisfied with the day….and Owen cooked dinner! Delightful. Then Trinity came over and was upset about some stuff. She said cleaning would calm her down so she cleaned the upstairs bathroom (which someone’s boyfriend had been lapse about). Good God, and that’s not even why I love her.

I feel as though we’re all in limbo, waiting for the inauguration, waiting to see if something worse happens than last week’s violence. Frightening times. Perhaps that’s why I feel rather dull of late. Cats, food, Christmas trees. That’s all I got. Today, two/thirds of the cats.

Bob of the Day
The rarely seen little old lady of the house, Hattie. Her fur is starting to grow back so she’s not quite so sad looking.
She’s also exceedingly stubborn. She didn’t try to steal my food but she damned well wasn’t going to move out of the way. Hattie is the toughest of us all. Perfectly cooked pork chop on a bed of greens courtesy Owen.


One thought on “Waiting in limbo

  1. I don’t feel in limbo, but on a yo-yo: up (sun! good friends! family!) and down (needless deaths) and angry (can a yo-yo go three ways? I must be a yo-yo tricks master.) As much as I want 1/20 to come, I know it won’t solve the lies that continue to be spread and the anger those lies foment. So more Bob, please.