I gave Ernie one of the fancy new masks we got, after recommendations from two people I trust implicitly, Stacie Huckeba and Heather Munson (they truly do NOT fog up your glasses—only one that has worked for me thus far). We both tried them on and then he looked at me and calmly said, “I think I look like the bear from Captain Kangaroo.”

Lord, that man can make me laugh.

Dancing Bear.

Then I found this video, which while it doesn’t show Dolly Parton and Dancing Bear TOGETHER, it is close.

Here’s the whole episode with Dolly. Although I must say I can’t approve of the new theme/intro. I prefer the older one. Of, course, I still think Captain Kangaroo in color is suspect but that might be because we had a black and white tv.

THIS is the opening I remember, in all its black and white glory

Oh, and then there’s this.

In other news, the roads are still amazingly bad in spots, the lenses for Ernie’s cataract surgery are super expensive BUT I got my vaccine shot!


2 thoughts on “Dancing Bear

  1. Dancing Bear was my favorite character on Captain Kangaroo!!!!!!! I love the clip of him dancing. He always made my day!!!!!