February slog.

A beloved friend just lost her brother to COVID.

Ernie had a bad day yesterday, said he was feeling like the he did at the nadir of his earlier chemo. I made him his favorite gruel and it seemed to help. A couple of cartons of organic chicken broth (yeah, not homemade), a package of boneless skinless chicken thighs and a bit of salt. Cooked it at barely a simmer til the chicken was done. I pulled it out and shredded it with two forks then put it back in with a batch of cooked rice and cooked it a while longer. Added a fair amount of salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and some frozen peas. He was happy, which makes me happy.

A bright spot: my lovely friend, Linda, dropped off some absolutely wonderful gluten free cookies and a great cookbook. I am indeed blessed with friends. Sometimes I’m almost embarrassed at how kind everyone is but the longer I go along I just accept it gratefully and with much love and remember that I have to treat others this kindly. Thank you so much, Linda.

So, we slog on. Rascal watches over the household and Daisy continues to successfully infiltrate. I am dreaming of a wander. My second shot is on March 17, then a week or two….then a wander? Hopefully Ernie will be feeling up for it. He misses it too.


3 thoughts on “February Slog

  1. Mary is getting her second shot as I type. I had mine last week. In two weeks we are going somewhere….then two weeks after that somewhere else. Maybe even by plane.