Yesterday was just a, well, just a MONDAY. I don’t dread Mondays as I sometimes did in the past. I got up, had a perfectly pleasant staff meeting on Zoom, but after that it just went downhill.

I’m worried about a dear friend whose kids are home with COVID. Ernie was having a bad day struggling with symptoms. A glass got knocked over and smashed on the living room floor. I felt so sleepy, for no good reason, that I kept drooping in my chair. Eventually, I gave in and took a half hour nap, worked a while longer and then Ernie and I called it a day and watched a stupid number of Master Chef Australia episodes.

Later we snuggled with Daisy and I made orange roughy and green beans in brown butter and lemon, along with some leftover mashed potatoes.

Today? Monday 2.0. I’ve got a list and I am going to follow it.


Oh, and Bob finally has a new box. They other cats get in sometimes but I don’t think they enjoy it like Bob does. And yes, it does appear that he is plugged in but I assure that’s not true.

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