Last night I made a little list on my phone of things I was going to do today. I just looked at it and I don’t want to do ANY of them. So I went through my email and unsubscribed to a bunch of junk. It almost made me feel like I was being productive. Then I went back to my list. Still didn’t want to do any of it so I started our income taxes. This is my first year of being self employed full time so I was a little anxious as to what my tax bill was going to be. Not great, but not nearly as bad as I thought.

I have no other news. Not even any pictures of food. Midweek I was seduced by an Alison Roman recipe. I sent Owen to the store for medjool dates and a whole chicken. I carmelized my lemon slices, tore up my dates, slid my big old yellow Le Creuset into the oven and when it came out, Ernie and I were both kinda, “eh.” The next night we tried pizza from a new place as they had a gluten free option and we did not care for it whatsoever. We actually threw pizza OUT. Who does that? Last night we didn’t want to do anything so it was just some leftover chicken for Ernie and a cute little chicken on a gluten free bun (Against the Grain…really good) for me. Tonight, Owen is cooking. Ok, I’ll give you one lone picture:

We’re watching Bunheads (as you can see in the background). I had never seen it but I love Gilmore Girls and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Amy Sherman-Palladino so I’m giving it a try. I like it, but the main character looks (and of course, sounds, because of the Amy S-P dialogue) like Lorelei from the Gilmore Girls SO MUCH that it’s distracting…AND Kelly Bishop is her mother-in-law too. Unsettling but I will trudge on.

On a completely different note, my little old lady, Hattie, seems to be doing pretty well. She’s back to eating and drinking, so no more laxative/food stimulant for the time being. She’s been doing ok without them so we’ll cross our fingers. She’s actually been seen playing and racing around the house. Cross your fingers, folks, because I really love this ratty, scruffy stubborn little thing.

Thanks to all the dog owners that chimed in on Facebook with recommendations for Daisy. Oh, and thanks to Chris for hand delivering all sorts of treats! I love my friends. One funny thing, whenever house concert friends come over on a regular day they’re always somewhat confused by the furniture in the living room lol.

Last night it was kinda late and Ernie was falling asleep so I said, “Come on, let’s just go up.” He begrudgingly agreed. I went up first as I am wont to do, thinking he would follow. I peered downstairs about 20 minutes later to make sure he hadn’t fallen asleep, and no, he had just had a sudden hankering to hear the Chameleons. I smiled at him and went back to my book. It looked nice though, sitting there in the dark with a record playing.

I snuggled in with my book, said ‘hey’ to the lights. I could hear Trinity giggle drifting in every so often from Owen’s room, and from Leo’s room came the sounds of drum n bass and Leo laughing uproariously as he chatted to folks online. I rarely ask him to turn it down as I figure he’s getting more pleasure from it than I am getting displeasure. These days I try to savor the noise as I know it won’t be long before they head out on their own. If it weren’t for the pandemic they might be already. Eventually Ernie came up and we laid there, sharing a glass of wine and chatting about everything and nothing. Despite our challenges, we are very lucky.