The lights were exceedingly chatty last night.

I love snow days. Yesterday, Leo’s work shut down early so he was home in the afternoon. Trinity’s work shut down early too and Owen made it to Danville and back to get her right in the thick of it all. I was so relieved when everyone was home.

Ok, this is a stupid game I play when I’m watching tv sometimes. I get what everything is except the weird squiggly thing. What is it?

God knows if we’ll ever have another house concert. I really have wondered if it will be possible again. However, yesterday I spent a good hour researching serving polenta to a crowd, so who knows.

And now some images from 2015 that I came across yesterday. I know it’s not Mother’s Day season but when Ernie and I looked at these last night we laughed so hard we almost cried. Evidently, word had come from on high that the guys better make Mother’s Day cards. Here is Owen’s:

And here is Leo’s:

Oh. my. heart. They could not be more different and they could not be more wonderful. And I say that even though I’m really pissed at one of them.

Onward. Onward with snow.

3 thoughts on “Random Notes from a snowy Sandwich Life

  1. I think it’s supposed to be a mango!
    I like both of the cards–you’ve got a couple of keepers there, in those sons of yours!