Good god, the cats seem to think our fireplace is a litter box. I kid you not. I just saw Rascal slink out of there in a suspicious manner.


Ok, I actually managed to cook a good dinner two nights in a row. Whew. I don’t know why it has become so difficult to cook these days. You know me….I LOVE cooking. I don’t know what’s different….perhaps just the sheer monotony of the days. Whatever it is, while the question, “What are we doing for dinner?” used to bring about pleasurable musing, it no longer does.

However, I sucked it up and made the NYT Turmeric and Black Pepper Chicken the other night. The recipe calls for asparagus which is what I have used in the past. I went with what we had though, red and yellow pepper and peas. I think it needs the vegetal flavor of something like the asparagus—-these vegetables were relatively sweet, but it still tasted really good and it’s super fast and easy. I cut the honey down to 2T instead of 3 and added some red pepper flakes.

Last night it was just us and we pan-seared some lamb loin chops with just salt and a good bit of black pepper and had it with salad greens (dressed with olive oil and the lemon balsamic vinegar that we love so much) and topped it with some crunchy polenta croutons that made out of the last of the polenta. It was all good, but the best part? The croutons. I love crunch.

Below you will see rare documentation of Bob doing his head rubbing thing with Ernie. He doesn’t do this all the time but most days will see him creeping behind Ernie at some point and just rubbing his head all over Ernie’s head in a fit of love. Ernie is always vaguely embarrassed but he lets him do it because, well…he’s Bob.

Ernie just got his second vaccine. YAY! And he stopped at Sunnyside and stocked up on his gummies. I must say, watching cooking shows with Mr. Medicinal over there is highly entertaining. See? Life always has something new for us. Right now he’s really laughing at the idea of using our fireplace as a litterbox. I love him.

In other news, I have no other news. Food and cats, people. Food and cats.

Oh, and birds. This morning I was greeting by some mourning doves right outside my window. Oh, and old pictures too.

A REALLY old picture of us at the Lighthouse Tavern in Rogers Park.

Oh, I’ve even bored myself. Off to do some work.


One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I LOVE pictures of Bob and Ernie!!!!!! Please – keep them coming!!!!!!! (Love you Ernie ❤️)