The power of my friends. After I complained about the cats adopting our fireplace as a litterbox, I immediately got a text from my friend Jody saying, of all things, “Do you want a fireplace screen? I have one.” I said, “YES,” and I swear to God it was just moments later she was in my driveway unloading it.

It’s perfect. ❤️ You are wonderful, Jody!

I fear I fodmapped myself up last night. Too much avocado in the guacamole and too much sugar in a margarita. Miserable night and I think I’m calling today a sick day and not doing the work I had planned. Sometimes I think I’ve got the eating figured out and then I realize that it’s a work in progress. Poor stomach.

I seem to have developed allergies to either dust or the cats, I don’t know which but God knows there’s plenty of both all over this house. My eyes seem to water nonstop lately. Some of it because I have dry eyes and I have drops I use but they don’t seem to help for much time at all. Yesterday morning I tried a Benedryl and sure enough, it helped my eyes and then I promptly took a long nap which I really didn’t want to do. Oh well.

Not the most productive weekend I guess but I won’t complain.

Now, more old pictures. A bunch of Leo pics as I don’t have as many of him on here of late.

Onward to a quiet day.

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