I decided I must get out of the house and take a picture of something other than my meals, my cats or what’s on my tv. The short drive was good for us.

Of course, I will still post pictures of my food. Apologies to my vegan friends, but DAMN this roast lamb was good. A marinade of garlic oil, oregano, rosemary, anchovy paste and lemon, then simply roasted. I let it get a bit over….more medium than medium rare as I would have preferred, but it was so tender and tasty that it was still great. Little gold potatoes roasted alongside it. Some leftover broccoli and a sauce of lemon zest, fresh mint, parsley, salt, pepper and olive oil. Pretty damn great…and easy and quick. It was a butterflied leg but I didn’t bother to roll it up and tie it…just roasted it flat. Aldi’s FTW.

Last night the lights and I had a long conversation as I lay in bed. They are remarkably good company.
Just posting this because I love this pan so much.


One thought on “Random Pictures from the Sandwich Life

  1. I luvs lamb. Can’t get enough. Can’t get any right now, as Peapod (delivery service) doesn’t usually stock lamb. Maybe they will around Easter. I wish I could be a vegan, but it’s not going to happen in this life. I admire the veganators, but I’m not there yet. And neither, for that matter, is our dog. So there’s that. Lovely picture of the prairie.