I can’t begin to tell you how much I do NOT want to go to the Cancer Center today. Ernie said, “Well, you can stay home, you know,” and I glared and said, “That’s NOT what I mean.” He nods, sighs, and says he doesn’t want to go either. I think it’s why I couldn’t sleep last night and didn’t want to wake up this morning. Hopefully I’ll be able to go in with him. I can’t go to most of his appointments but thus far I’ve been able to slip into the Cancer Center. We shall see. Cross your fingers.

Despite my grumpiness, I have pictures of cats and food! Because that’s what you get when I don’t leave my house.

Seared tuna with a ‘salad’ of avocado, sugar snap peas, green onions, peas, ginger, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, honey and sesame seeds. Served with sliced seared tuna with a bit of salt and a teensy drizzle of sesame oil. Incredibly good. The tuna was a bit of a splurge from our beloved Cheese & Crackers but it was well worth it!
Breakfast: leftover vegetables from last night cooked with scrambled eggs. The more Asian flavors had faded, leaving just a wonderful, umami’d green crunch to my eggs. We decided to leave the leftover tuna for an afternoon nibble.
Lest you think it’s cute that Bob sometimes uses his box as a viewing stand of sorts, just feast your eyes on that torn wallpaper behind him.
The new tv viewing team


One thought on “Resisting the day

  1. Oh boy. Torn wallpaper. Long long ago, when my in-laws had 56 cats, I persuaded a co-worker to take one of the cats as a pet. We hauled “Oliver” from Ohio (he rode all the way in the kitty litter) and delivered him to the co-worker’s house. Let me just say right here that the co-worker and her teen-aged daughter hoped that Dad could be won over by Oliver’s considerable charms. Well, the Man of the House was ambivalent from the get-go Fortunately, Oliver turned on the charm by posting himself outside the bathroom every morning while the MotH was inside. Unfortunately, he kept tearing the same piece of wallpaper down, day after day after day. The MotH replaced the wallpaper day after day after day until he was closing in on the end of the roll. The MotH came to my office at work (he was the supervisor in another dept). He all but held my hand as he told me that it troubled him but he felt he had no recourse but to declaw Oliver, return him to us, or put him to sleep. Heartless!!!! I guess the wallpaper was really important to him. His daughter and his wife were in love with Oliver–even though Oliver had snagged the wife’s sweater the first day they met–and even the MotH was touched by Oliver’s early-morning sitting outside the bathroom door, but….rules were rules, wallpaper was wallpaper. Well, we were so happy that the in-laws had agreed to give up ONE cat that we didn’t want to take him back to OH, and we already had too many cats ourselves, so I said to the MotH, “If you have to declaw him, well, he’s your cat now. It’s either that or the Big Sleep.” So Oliver was declawed and lived thereafter as an indoor cat and the wallpaper stayed up. He lived a long but perhaps less contented life with them.