Valentine’s Day dinner. Our first take on shrimp and grits and not to be our last. We cooked the shrimp with some diced red pepper and fennel with smoked paprika (we were out of garlic so I couldn’t make garlic oil). It needed some hot sauce at the end. The grits were made with plain old cornmeal with butter and grated cheddar. Someday I’ll learn to plate properly. Oh, and this was so quick and simple to make…an added bonus!
OMG. This breakfast. Leftover grits sliced and browned with frizzled eggs on top. Outrageously good. We’re talking WAY past delightful!
My scruffy little girl. She is tough.
Ernie continues to be exceedingly popular.
You have no idea how happy the snow makes me. ❄️ ❤️ ❄️

Stay safe all. Onward.

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