We left only 45 minutes later than planned. Not bad given that some work had popped up last minute. Owen walked us to the car and waved us off. It’s been a long time since we wandered and it took us a while to get our wander legs back. We headed up north a bit, stopping in Gilman to see if we see the old train coaling towers. The dirt road that would get us close enough for a picture was covered with snow and Ernie just ignored my pleading looks. We’ll save that one for summer. We then took a route across Indiana that was not the most exciting, but you never know, it was worth a try. We did take a few pictures as we drove. By the time we hit our hotel in Fort Wayne, mostly we were remembering how TIRING it can be to wander. That might sound silly, but it is. It’s meditative but very focused. We are just looking the entire time, at the map, at the road, at the little towns. We got into our room and just collapsed. We drank some wine and ordered some food, curled up together and watched a Hallmark movie. Big, comfy hotel bed.

It felt so good.

Mail Pouch somewhere between Watseka and Kentland, Indiana
I liked this grocery store sign in Kentland, Indiana. The telephone pole next to where I took this had a piece of paper stapled to it that read, “Homemade Noodles for sale! $4 a bag” with a name and number. I hope some folks took her up on that offer.
Don’s Drive-in, Kentland, Indiana
This building in Wolcott, Indiana was a bit muddled but this turret just hung so tightlly on its corner like a stubborn little Victorian limpet.
The afternoon darkened but we still found this drive-in sign in Wabash, Indiana
The hotel even had free microwave popcorn. 🍿


One thought on “First 2021 Wander: Day One

  1. –“stubborn little Victorian limpet.” You certainly have a way with words. Glad to see a Mail Pouch sign on a barn that hasn’t faded to oblivion. Back in the 1940’s, a man’s chewin’ tobacco was actually sold in a cute li’l muslin mail pouch with a drawstring. I like to think Uncle Buddy got his in the mail, but I’m not sure whether he fetched it from the mail box or the store (which was at least 10 miles away. They lived on a farm.) Anyway, glad you got to wander.