A year ago we were driving to Nashville on a gray day, heading to the David Olney memorial. I know I’ve probably written ad nauseam about my love for David and the grief of losing him, but here I am again. Somehow, the loss of David only a few weeks after Ernie being in the hospital with a new cancerous tumor and then the pandemic lockdown created a supernova of grief and fear for me. I know it’s all connected in my heart for whatever reason. But you know, I feel like this anniversary date is a happy one for me.

I’ve made it a year. We’ve made it a year.

I know there will be more supernovas to come, but right now, I feel ok.

As Steve Earle might say, I Feel Alright.

Oh, and I talked to the lights last night from my bedroom window. They have moved to a late winter/early spring formation and seem happy too.


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