It was yet another quiet weekend. It started with me feeling the effects of the second vaccine shot but by yesterday afternoon I was happily sitting outside in the sun doing some work and it was lovely.

Trinity got back from her trip and Daisy and Owen were thrilled. The family is complete once more.

I cooked kind of a plain Jane meal last night but at least I cooked. I used a different recipe for the pork tenderloin and it wasn’t nearly as good as usual. It needed a sauce or vinaigrette or something. As much as I love Barbara Kafka’s high heat roasting, I’m going back to my season it, sear it in a pan and pop it in the oven to finish method. I think the smoked paprika roast potatoes were the star but the broccoli was pretty great. I’ve decided my favorite way is to steam it for four minutes. Then I finished it in a pan with a bit of butter and red pepper flakes. Owen and Trinity cleared their plates so I was happy.

New supply of chemo pills get delivered this evening. Cataract surgery tomorrow. Post op on Wednesday. He’s had about four calls from Carle so far today. This stuff is like a full time job. Oh, and he FINALLY has an MRI scheduled but not until mid April.

For now though, a somewhat poor picture of my hellebore that I rather like anyway.


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