Just when I decided I was all in on the dark, rainy day, turning on lights, planning a fire…it got bright.

Damn it.

It was a bleary morning on all accounts. I didn’t sleep well, our bedroom windows rattled in the wind, Ernie was restless and I was freezing but somehow could not make myself sit up to pull up another quilt. That and the time change made for a delayed and muzzy-headed morning.

It’s Monday though. Time to pull it together and get some work done. Anxiously waiting for Health Alliance to authorize another MRI for Ernie. Just looked at the website and doesn’t look as though it has happened yet. So unbearably frustrating. Still, this week he has pre-op appointments and a Covid test for next week’s cataract surgery. Oh, and I get my second vaccine shot this week!

Last night I forced myself to cook dinner. I was kind of hoping Owen wasn’t hungry as he’d had a very late and large lunch. I texted him and he quite cheerfully said he was ready for dinner anytime. I looked at Ernie and said, “The little bastard wants food.” Ernie made a batch of rice and I made eggroll in a bowl again with ground pork, lots of cabbage and carrots with soy sauce, sesame oil, a bit of brown sugar and some red pepper flakes. Oh, I just realized I forgot the ginger. Oh well, it was good and Owen inhaled it and then took Ernie’s leftovers.

We sat and watched the Grammy’s. It’s such a different world than mine but, surprisingly enough, I rather enjoyed some of it. I had no idea that Harry Styles was 2021’s Robert Palmer. Kinda delightful. We gave up after a bit and bounced around watching a few different things (Stanley Tucci’s Italy thing….rewatching Last Tango in Halifax, etc.) before I scooped my tired boy up to bed. I made him admire the lights but he refused to talk to them. He dozed off and I read a bit of trashy novel until I set it aside and waited for sleep to come.


2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. It’s bright here, but chilly. Even though you say you don’t feel like cooking, you always seem to be able to improvise and throw something together that tastes delicious.

  2. Really Cynthia!!!!! “The little bastard wants food.”!!!!!!!!! Is that any way to talk about MY nephew????😂😂😂😂 Love you.💖💖💖