The second vaccine knocked me out a bit, I must admit. I felt fine, except for a wickedly sore arm, for 24 hours and then I got hit by a black headache and exhaustion. I slept in the next day and was feeling pretty good by evening. Today I woke up feeling very good, with just a lingering sore arm. It’s always so reassuring to feel good after you’ve been down for a bit. Despite the blue skies and feeling pretty good, I still feel exhausted. I don’t know if that’s the shot or just life in general. I’m feeling pretty cheerful though and I think much of it stems from two things: 1. The Olney/Anana Kaye album should be arriving soon, and 2. I booked a week in Maine for October. Yes, some bills will have to wait. but so be it. I’m so excited about this….having something to look forward to. One of the losses of the last year wasn’t just our house concerts, but the role they play in our lives. They give us markers, things to look forward to, things to look back on, things to plan for, and I realize I miss all of that, on top of the music, friendship and camaraderie, etc. We will be off to Lubec, Maine for the first week of October and I swear it’s lifting me up already as I obsessively plan the route and book hotels.

Right now Owen is hooking Daisy up to her leash so he can take her on a walk and she is so excited she’s practically dancing. Despite being pretty tired out right now, I think I know how she feels.

Look carefully, and you’ll see Hattie’s ear poking out in the picture above. She is all wrapped up in blankets, curled up next to me. On the other side of me Bob and Daisy jockey for Ernie’s attention. Don’t worry, Bob always wins, even when he has to put up with the ignominy of Daisy’s tail tapping on him.


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