It’s a beautiful, sunny day. Ernie and I had thought about going for a drive in the country today but Owen borrowed the Honda to help Trinity’s mother move so we are carless. We could borrow Leo’s but he might get notice of a train he needs to follow so we’ll make do with staying home. Lord knows that’s what we do mostly anyway.

I slept late after a sleepless night but feel pretty chipper at the moment. Ernie’s cleaned up the kitchen, done some laundry, I’ve puttered and done some work.

Made a great batch of eggroll in a bowl…forgotten how good that is. Thanks for the reminder, Heather.
This is pretty much our new world order.
Sometimes Bob has to rub his head on Ernie’s head just to establish that Ernie is HIS. Ernie finds it a bit embarrassing how devoted Bob is, but you know he adores that cat.
Then Bob comes back down to Ernie’s lap to express his thoughts.
This was an extremely rare occurrence of all three cats curled up close together. Eventually Bob wandered off and Rascal couldn’t help himself and started bothering Hattie until she left too. Rascal just can’t help being a bully, but I love him anyway. Hattie is the true badass though. Rascal doesn’t have anything on her

Two questions:

  1. Who is still afraid to leave their arms or legs hanging over the side of the bed because who the hell knows what lives under the bed?
  2. What is your favorite childhood meal?


One thought on “Random Pictures and Two Questions from the Sandwich Life

  1. Gotta say, I’m less scared.of what’s under the bed than of what lurks in the basement that would run out to get me when I turn out the light!

    Your whole sofa scene with Ernie and the animals is very sweet. ❤