Poor Bob was patiently waiting for Ernie to return when Daisy jumped up. Bob seems a bit perturbed and I’m not sure how he’s managing to keep his back paws at that angle.
Managed a good dinner one night. Gluten-free curried oven fried chicken with cabbage, carrots with sesame, soy sauce and ginger. We even managed to save enough for leftovers another night.
Sometimes Bob has enough of us all and retreats to a corner
Yeah, one night was frozen pizza. The store was out of gluten-free pepperoni so I tried to doctor it up with some herbs and red pepper flakes. Eh.
Thank God for our beloved Esquire and for boys who zoom down on their scooter to pick it up on a Friday when you don’t want to cook.
Rascal really need some mentoring in peer to peer play, but damn I love the big lug.

Onward to the weekend…

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