Ok, you know you’re in a bad mood when the sun starts to come out and you think, “fuck you sun.”


Tossed and turned all night long. Ernie’s been struggling with some pain, so he doesn’t sleep well, which means of course I don’t sleep well. Last night he was talking in his sleep like crazy, something he doesn’t usually do. I couldn’t tell if he was asleep or talking to me so I kept blearily saying, “What, what?” The first time he answered, “I want the old sounds back.” I queried him again and he said the same thing so I just patted his shoulder and said, “Ok, honey,” because what the hell, why shouldn’t he have the old sounds back? After that, I pretty much gave up. I gave a perfunctory “What?” when he spoke but if it made no sense I went back to sleep. Or tried.

Of course I slept too late this morning and am now rushing and feeling behind.

Despite all that, and my worry about some of the pain he is having, yesterday was a nice day. The air felt lovely coming through the windows and the boys were both in good moods and chatty. Owen is thrilled his Honda is running and Leo spent some good time during his lunch and after work shooting some trains. Owen was out on his scooter when Leo came home. Leo was in the media room hanging out chatting when somebody pulled up in the drive and Owen raced in and yelled, “Ran out of gas,” ran upstairs and ran back out again. We all kind of looked at each other. Evidently, he ran out of gas and someone asked him if he needed help and offered to take him to the gas station. So he brought him here so Owen could get his gas can (he was running upstairs to get his backpack so he could bring the gas can home). Now you might wonder why he didn’t just ask one of us to take him to the gas station. So did we. So did we. We kept chatting with Leo and he showed us some of his recent shots. I loved this one:

Eventually, Leo went upstairs and Owen then zoomed home. He came in and acted out the entire drama until we were almost weeping with laughter. We talked long enough that we all realized that our dinner plans were now the frozen pizzas sitting in the freezer. We tossed them in, snuggled, watched a little tv before going to bed. Not a bad day even if there was a sleepless night to follow.


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