Do you ever have a moment when your phone doesn’t seem to recognize your face and you think “oh, man, I must really be looking bad today?”

Sometimes I just have to admire Bob’s little tailless butt. God, I love him. Side note: our floors sure used to look better before 20 years of living here plus a decade of house concerts.

When I am wearing a mask and my phone doesn’t recognize me, I have to fight the urge to say, “Oh, phone, it’s ok, it’s me, Cynthia!” which always makes me remember when Leo was bravely getting his hair cut as a toddler and he finally said, “Maybe Kim will be here next time.” Our beloved hairdresser Kim stopped and said, “Oh, Leo, it’s me, Kim, I just have my hair tied back.” He looked so relieved and I just loved him so much. One of those little moments I’ll always remember.

Bob is limping a bit. Ernie checked him and his paw is ok and he doesn’t mind when he touches his leg. Hmmm. Bob, honey, I don’t need one more thing to worry about.

Ernie keeps wanting to put Bob’s box in recycling but I keep fighting him on it.

I spent Friday and much of Saturday sick as the proverbial dog. A mis-judgement with ordering out. Ugh, I was miserable. Friday I ate carelessly too, as I sorta figured, “what the hell? I’m already sick.” A half a gummy eases it but then I’m spacey which I’m not crazy about. Back to the straight and narrow with eating. Much of yesterday was on the couch, but I’m feeling much better now.

We’ve been watching a lot of Australia’s Master Chef. A recent challenge reminded me of how much I like starfruit. Thank you for getting me some, Ernie.

Master Chef side note: I have a new life goal. I want to have drinks with Matt Preston.

I paged through the Schnuck’s recipe magazine that Ernie brought home from grocery shopping. The recipe that struck me the most? A dessert. I know, how unlike me. BUT…it’s a gin and tonic tart. This looks so good! I don’t even drink gin and tonics that often. My mother used to drink them in the summer though, so they make me think of her and I crave one occasionally.

Crossword puzzle? Check. Glass of red wine in a flint tumbler? Check. Bob? Check.

The girl. Already missing Trinity, who is going to be gone for a week.


3 thoughts on “Truly Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Re: Leo… On Halloween in first grade we were supposed to go home for lunch and come back in our costumes for a parade. I could not figure out who the woman with the long black hair was and why she was telling us where to stand and when to walk. Re: Gin and tonics… I don’t drink them anymore, but Tuesday night was “laundry night” in college, which meant drinking way too many gin and tonics while we pulled our laundry up and down six flights of stairs. Hope you feel better today!

  2. The tart sounds great!!! Very Mom. Of course the gin IS a major stumbling block!!!!!!😉

  3. Well, I do like gin and tonic. But Manhattans…my grandparents used to drink them, and they would give me the cherries in them. I don’t drink them very often, but it does bring back very good memories of my grandparent.