Done. Second shot today. I am grateful to CU Public Health and grateful to science. I feel cautiously optimistic. Who knows though…a year ago we never could have dreamed where we are now. What will today look like a year from now? We shall see but for now, I’m just happy that Ernie and I are fully vaccinated and that the boys will be in a few more weeks. All my beloved boys.

I am not one for selfies, but there are times when it seems appropriate.

Our stimulus money showed up in our bank account this morning. Now what to do with it? Yes, pay my taxes, yes, pay some bills. Do I pay down some more medical debt, or do I book a week in Maine? I’m thinking. What one will be the best for our mental health?

While I ponder that, I will leave you with some pictures.

Daisy misses Trinity but Owen is being a wonderful dog parent.
Daisy and Hattie wondering why the hell I would get out of bed and leave them.
Bob, sitting regally in front of a shelf of glass books in our bedroom
Onward to Spring

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