Success. I cooked a delicious dinner last night. I had a few odds and ends in the refrigerator and I decided to use them up. While Ernie cooked the salmon so the skin got nice and crispy. I put a bed of spinach on the plates, seasoned with just olive oil and salt. Then I took a leftover piece of cooked bacon (who has leftover cooked bacon? I have no idea how that happened), a bunch of dill that I needed to use before it got even limper, and a Medjool date that was leftover from an earlier cooking experiment. I chopped them all up and added some salt. When the salmon came out of the pan I tossed the mixture (gremolata? salsa?) in the pan and cooked it for just a minute or two. I added some lemon juice to it and then put it over the salmon.

It was SO good. The date of course, is strongly sweet. I think next time I would add more herbs and lemon to balance it a bit but I was rather smitten with my little experiment.

It’s Monday so I must get to work, but I will leave you with this Bob of the Day. Bob is not the most playful of guys in general, but he does have a soft spot for this little stuffed piece of sushi that must still vaguely smell of catnip.

Onward to the week.