Yesterday felt like Friday, which unfortunately makes the pleasure of today being Friday somewhat less impressive. I’ve wanted to blog this week but I’ve been too busy, and when not busy, too tired. Here I am though, on Saturday cum Friday.

Time is moving way too quickly. Tuesday, when Ernie got his second cataract surgery done, seems like eons ago. All went well other than the fact that I had to get up at 4:30 am for it (there was great hilarity in the family when that fact was revealed). Owen took him to his post-op the next day and the doctor said that everything looked so good that he could skip next week’s post-op. And he can SEE. He has to get some readers for close up but isn’t wearing his glasses now except for that. It’s so nice to see more of his beautiful blue eyes!

I have no other news than that. Not a great week for cooking. Made a frittata one night, ordered Esquire because I wanted their salmon salad another night, and last night I made Ernie his beloved gruel (chicken, rice and pea stew) because he was having a rough day. He’s perkier today so I’ll give gruel the credit.

In cat news, Rascal gets bigger and more seal-like all the time. Bob has lost some weight and is limping the tiniest bit. I do worry. I can’t believe he’s fifteen. Hattie, well, I’m not sure how comfortable Hattie is these days. I worry about her but she curls up and purrs away. What’s with all this aging going on in this house?

Daisy is doing just fine. We call her Stick Dog because the way she holds her legs out stiffly. She’s a lovely girl.

On a more cheerful note, both boys get their second shot today, and Trinity got hers yesterday. YES!

AND, if everything goes according to plan (a big if, I know), Leo will be going to London in August to meet up with friends and see his beloved Pendulum play. I’m giddy with excitement for him.

Our beloved Susan came and did a ton of work in our yard. We are blessed with our friends.