Late yesterday afternoon, Owen went off to work at Black Dog (was it a coincidence that on his first day back they had a fire??), Trinity and Leo were both at work, so it was just us and the animals. Ernie saw our neighbor Barb’s dog out wandering around. He went outside to check on her and I called Barb. Barb said she was ok, she’d gotten out but she comes back. I stepped out on the front porch to tell Ernie, and another neighbor, that the dog was fine. As I opened the door Daisy darted out and…..was off after the little dog.


Ernie grabbed shoes and a leash and went after her toward Davidson Park. I just kept thinking that Owen was going to KILL us. Ernie is not in running form so he was walking as fast as he could. I was frozen on the porch, panicked. We didn’t even have a car here as Owen had ours and I don’t see either Ernie or I chasing Daisy on a scooter.

I quickly posted to Facebook and I swear it’s times like this that Facebook is heartwarming. So many people I don’t even know shared my post or posted it on other neighborhood sites. Other friends even went out looking for her. In the end, a woman driving by stopped and got Barb’s little dog and Ernie lured Daisy in with a jerky wrapper or something like that that somebody walking by found and gave to Ernie. The woman then drove Ernie and the dogs home, with him in the front seat clutching both dogs. We can’t begin to thank her enough!


I swear to God it took me hours to come down. Heartfelt thanks to everyone that helped, shared, looked for her and comforted us.

This dog world is scary.

And yes, Daisy knew enough to avoid us for most of the evening.

We finally relaxed enough to watch the new Top Chef and eat duck and vegetable hash for dinner.

In honor of Owen’s first day back at Black Dog, Ernie made immense homemade biscuits with bacon and cheese. I did not partake as biscuits deserve gluten but they were reportedly wonderful.

Hopefully, today will be more peaceful. Ernie has to get a COVID test for his next cataract surgery and then quarantine until then, so yeah, another quiet weekend.


One thought on “Bad girl, Daisy

  1. I would pay money to see a picture of you chasing Daisy on the scooter!!!!!不不不不不