Some days are just better than other days and last Friday was a tough day. A lot of sadness all around. The rainy grey weather suited me over the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, however, we got together with our beloved Ann and Bob. We’ve had outdoor visits here and there throughout the pandemic but this was the first time, now that we are all vaccinated, that we could get together in their home. Ann and I hugged for the first time in over a year and we both cried. It felt SO good to hug her. They always make us feel more ourselves and we even got a story out of Bob about riding a bull in a rodeo. That man amuses the hell out of me. We went home feeling better.

Sunday was another quiet day. Reading, watching Australian Master Chef and Yellowstone and cooking. I usually roast chickens at high heat…did a slow roast this time. It ended up a tad dry but the flavor was amazing. I made a rub of olive oil, salt, pepper, fennel seed, red pepper flakes and thyme and it really turned out great.

Also, I found that if you add green olives, red pepper flakes and some fresh mozzarella to a frozen gluten free pizza it really turns out quite nice.

Ok, that’s it for my scintillating prose for now. MRI on Thursday.